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Latest news articles related to Lohana and Indian professionals around the world. Most of these links are from external sites.

If you would like to submit a link to a news item then please email it to info@lohanaprofessionals.org.uk.

Devout hindu loses cremation bid (2009-05-08)
A bid by a devout Hindu for the legal right to be cremated on a traditional open-air funeral

The future of computing (2009-04-18)
Pattie Maes & Pranav Mistry: Unveiling the "Sixth Sense," game-changing wearable tech

Vegetarians get fewer cancers (2009-03-16)
A vegetarian diet may help to protect against cancer...

Indian meal starter lasts 50 years (2009-03-16)
Eighty-year-old Jaswantiben Jamnadas Popat defies her age...

Jay Patel to be 1st Indian Space Tourist (2009-03-12)
Patel, 29, who was born in Ahmedabad is set to be the first Gujarati to tour space...

India's richest men lose billions (2009-03-12)
Indian businessman Anil Ambani has been revealed as the biggest loser on the 2009...


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