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Playing your part in public life


Jayam Dalal describes the Public Appointments process and the Government's commitment to encouraging and valuing diversity in public life. She is of Indian origin, has 4 Ministerial appointments and is an Independent Public Appointments Assessor.

The Asian community, particularly Indians are known for their high level of entrepreneurial skills and work ethics. Yet there is reluctance for members of the Indian community to put themselves forward for Public Appointments.

Why this anomaly? Is it because there is a lack of understanding or interest in these posts? Perhaps could there be a lack of trust in the appointments process? Surely that cannot be the case.

Public Appointments are made by Ministers to the boards of non-departmental public bodies [NDPBs] which act at arm's length from Ministers, although Ministers remain accountable for these bodies' performance. The types of public bodies include Advisory NDPBs, Executive NDPBs, Health bodies [NHS], Public corporations, Public Broadcasting authorities and certain utility regulators.

Public Appointments are widely publicised and advertised in the national press as well as the public appointments website www.publicappts-vacs.gov.uk. Members of ethnic minorities, as well as women are encouraged to apply, and this is often emphasised in the job description as well as the advertisement...

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