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Failure is fun

Failure is fun

If I had a choice between success and failure then I would of course choose success. But in life we do not always get a choice. In the current economic climate, unfortunately many of us will have to face failure. You may fail to get the job you apply for, you are not promoted, you are made redundant or your business may not be doing well. So what? It is okay to fail but it is not okay to be afraid of failure.

Positive thinking is a must in the event of a failure. Positive thought is a tonic to your motivation. Negative thought is a toxin. It is worse than a cancer. Cancer can be benign or malignant but negative thinking is never benign. It spreads, it is contagious and it affects all the people around you. So why not be positive?

Here are my ten golden nuggets which will help you make failure fun:

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